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Please click the Help ('?') widget in the bottom-right corner of our website to contact us.

Why do you not have a contact telephone number?

Our order handlers themselves, with intimate knowledge of our product and our customer order and return pipelines, are best equipped to respond to your queries as an integral part of their workflow. Although we fully understand the greater perception of a human element when customers are able to pick up the phone to us, inevitably such a service can only be staffed by less-informed call handlers relying only on database access. Please do rest fully assured that the electronic contact experience with us is quick, responsive, and managed by real people at our logistics function in Cheltenham.


Unit 11B,
St George's Business Park,
Alstone Lane,
Cheltenham, GL51 8HF,
United Kingdom.

Customer Services:
Weekdays: 10am - 6pm London Time via the Help ('?') widget at the bottom-right of our website.

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